Saju Thuruthil’s Mural art

Compare to any other art form this is a time consuming work which start from the selection and preparation of the wall so that it becomes suitable for painting. The proper preparation is to avoid humidity and fungus infection. The Wall is plastered with lime mortar mix with tender coconut water.Mural painting are another version of Fresco-secco or Fresco Paintings. The brush used for mural painting is from the stem of a particular grass.The methods followed by the arist is Dry –frasco and Wet –Frasco.

The widely used colours in mural painting are red, black, green, white and its variations of Eco colours and vegetable colours. Based on preparation methods mural paintings come under Eco –paintings and Earth colour paintings.Natural colours are prepared from leaves, herbal extract, natural pigments and rare soil and stones which are based on the same preparation method with appropriate changes which are collected from ancient mythological text in palm leaves (thaliyola).

Each of his paintings makes the viewer to enjoy and excite about natural beauty. The natural beauty shines in every picture and creates a hallucination in viewer’s mind and it invisibly connect the viewer to the picture. Saju Thuruthil is also attracted in this hallucination and continue to be a part of it.

His method of work used for antique mural painting, is thus guarding all features of existing mural paintings and adding new features to the existing form.


He has participate in many traditional mural art works in kerala.He has worked for Shakunthalam a remarked mural painting in Kerala for Madhavan Nair foundation in Edappilly at 1991.

for Madhavan Nair foundation in Edappilly at 1991.



His chayamughi series are more than modern mural paintings. Each one in that series brings heavenly gorgeousness and magnetism in viewers mind.

His chayamighi series is a big step to transform traditional mural painting to modern art so that people from all religion can enjoy this form of art.

He has created more than 400 paintings in that series which include bird with lady, flower with lady and yakshi etc.The chayamughi series and pictures of goddess are fascinating, and all are mirrors of feminine features. The beauty of dark colours are also a considerable reason for charm.

Overall he has accomplished more than 14 temple works including churches paintings all over India. He also has also accomplished many works of MNC’s and commercial places based on customer requirement and interest.

His experiment become successful and he was able to change mural painting mediums suitable for wall to asbestos sheets, wood, terracotta etc.