Saju Thuruthil CV

MFA in Painting from Karnadaka University
National Diploma in Mural Painting (five year Traditional Gurukulam Style..1st batch 1989-1993 under Guru Shri Mammiyoor Krishnankutty Nair Assan) from Institute of Mural painting, Guruvayur Devaswom.

Teaching Experience

Teaching Mural Painting in Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit for the last 16 years

Academic Honours

 Highly commanded certificate of Kerala Lalith Kala Academy, State Exhibition – 1992
 Represented the Mural Painting workshop in SAARC festival. (Trivandrum)-1992
 Kerala Lalith Kala Academy Scholarship – 1994.
 National Junior Research Fellowship 1995-1997. Under the Dept. of Human Resource Development under the Ministry of Culture. New Delhi.
 ‘Chithra Kala Nidhi’ Award of honourship of Tamil Nadu temple. (Madurai) -2000.
 Kaladharpanam state Award – 2001.
 State Award of Kerala Lalith Kala Academy – 2006.
 Golden ring and mementos – Iringole church – Perumbavoor – 2009
 Received Kerala Lalith Kala Accadami Fellowship--2014
 SAGA International achivement Award fom Sharja - 2014.

Special Achievements

1. Succeeded in processing two mural natural colours, other than the five traditional colours from certain herbs and fruits.
2. During the restoration work of the 17th century murals at Pazhoor Siva temple, discovered two inner layers of murals believed to be done in between the 13th century and 16th century these are considered to be the oldest Kerala Murals existing now. (1996-1997).
3. Renovated the Ettumannoor Temple murals under the guidance of Dept. of Archeology and removed the layers of oil painting which was done 50 years back and brought back the original glory of the mural using traditional natural colours (1997-1998)
4. Participated in the renovation and restoration of the traditional painting at Sreepadmanabha Swami Temple Trivandrum (1995-1996)
5. Renovation and restoration works of traditional mural painting at Madhavan Nair Foundation Gallery, Cochin (The largest mural of Kerala ‘Sakundalam’ 2000)
6. Discovered a large collection of yellow rocks at Kottayam Dist, from which high quality ochre yellow colours can be processed.
7. Restorated the famous 600 years older Srivilliputhoor temple, ‘Andanda Sayana’ (27X18’) and main shrin (Garbha Griha and renovated other ideals of the temple also. The trustee honoured the artist by giving ‘CHITHRAKALANIDHI’ Award and Golden needle (1999-2000).
8. Renovated and restorated the 24 (twenty four) big oil painting of ‘Sankara charitham’ for S.S.U.S. Kalady. (1991)
9. 27x14 feet copper covered cement mural painting based on educational theme decorating the main entrance of academic block of Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady.
10. Depicted the famous poem of ‘Chandalabhikshuki’ by Kumaranasan at National monument, (residence of Kumaranasan) Thonnakal, TVM.
11. Restoration of Kudamalloor Vasudevaparum Temple, Kottayam- 2006 .
12. Restoration of Sri Veloorvattam Mahadeva temple, Kottayam - 2006.
13. The largest temple mural paintings of Kerala, “Kumara sambhavam” at Parunna Subrahmanya Temple, 2007- Kottayam
14. India’s first branded bridal silk saree designed in mural style “Chayamughi” for Kalyan silks, 2007
15. Restoration of Turavoor Narasimhaswami Temple Alapuzha-2013 for the fine arts consortium of Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit ,
16. Large Traditional Paintings “ Kumarasambhavam” on the walls of Bhajanamadam in North Parur- 2013
17. Conducted 10 days informative session for the chemists of N.R.L.C. at Regional Centre, Mysore {on deputation}
18. Large Traditional Mural Paintings on wall of Sankara Narayana Temple, Karnadaka. "Meenakshi Kalyanam" size 65 feet/9 feet .
19. Became member of State Council of Educational Research and Training, Curriculum & Syllabus Steering Committee (2016)

One Man show

 Mural stroke 1994 Paravoor.
 Mural tint 1995, Kochi. Presented Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy, Ernakulam.
 Mural Touch 1996, C.P. Art Centre, Madras.
 Tri colours 1997 Kerala Lalith Kala Academy, Trichur.
 Bombay Arts Center Exhibition 1997, Bombay.
 The Sound of Tradition 1992 Madras, Mailapoor.
 Chayamughi 2006 at Kochi Darbar hall. Conducted Kerala Lalith Kala Academy.
 Untitled Exhibition 2008 C.P. Art Centre, Chennai.
 ‘Retrace’ 2013 Kerala Lalit kala Academy , Trivandram

Group Shows Participated

 State Exhibition Lalitha Kala Academy, Trichur 1990, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96
 Academy Mural state Exhibition, Draveedia, 1996
 State Academy Trichur, Calicut, Ernakulam 1993
 South Zone cultural centre National Exhibition at Guruvayoor 1991
 Kerala Tourism Department state camp exhibition at Veli Trivandrum 1990
 ‘SAARC’ festival at Trivandrum 1992
 All India Traditional Art Exhibition, New Delhi 1993
 ‘Chithrolsavam’ the State Exhibition Trivandrum 1993
 All India Art Exhibition in Chithram Art Gallery, Kochi – 1995, 96, 97, 98, 99, 2000, 2001, 2002
 Yuvakala Sahithi State Conference, Kodungalloore – 1994
 ‘Arteeno’ 2000 State Exhibition Sree Sankaracharya University, Kalady
 South Indian History Conference National Exhibition 1998 at Sree Sankara-charya University, Kalady
 Thavanoor Engineering College ‘Art Celebration’ – 1991
 ‘Keraleeyam’ State Exhibition at Kerala Kalamandalam 1998-99, 2000-’01
 State Exhibition conducted Department of Fine Arts, Sree Sankaracharya University, Kalady
 Rajasthan Lalith Kala Academy Annul State Exhibition 1997
 Sreelanka/Keralam Cultural Exchange Programme Conducted, NEEPA and S.S.U.S, Kalady. 2000
 ‘Nines echo’ at Mattanchery 2004
 Lalith Kala Academy State Exhibition at Kochi - 2004
 National Exhibition conducted Kerala Lalith Kala Academy – 2004
 ‘Tsunnami’ Exhibition 2005. Conducted Kerala Lalith Kala Academy at Nattika beach
 State Exhibition 2005. K.L.K.A. Trissur
 Water colour state camp Exhibition at Thekkadi camp, Ernakulam - 2005
 International Print Exhibition conducted by Butterfly Art Foundation, Thrissur
 Water colour state camp Exhibition Lalitha Kala Academy, Trivandrum – 2005
 ‘Sankaram’ The Colour Expression- 2005 conducted S.S.U.S, Kalady at Ernakulam
 ‘Ethenic passage’ - 2010. Suthra Arts Gallery, Fort Kochi
 Latha Kumarian’s Exhibition – 2007 Trivandrum
 ‘Ankamali Fest’ - 2010 at Nanappa Art Gallery, Kochi. Exhibition “DICIMBRE -2008” International painting Exhibition at Casa Dela India from 3-31st December 2008
 “ Seetha Oru Bhoomiputhri” National painting Exhibition at Trivandrum Gallary 360 from 3-9 January 2008
 “ Seetha Oru Bhoomiputhri” at Chitrakala parishad Hall Bangallore Gallary 360 , 2008
 “ Seetha Oru Bhoomiputhri” at Gallary 360 , 2008ovalam
 “ Seetha Oru Bhoomiputhri” at Spain Gallary 360 , 2009
 State exhibition -2009 at Trissur at Kerala Lalith Kala Academy, 2009
 State exhibition -2010 at Darbar Hall Ernakulam
 Art Exhibition – 2010 at Sootra Art gallery , Kochi organized by Kalapeedam
 “Forms and Figures” State artists camp at Nanappa Art Gallary , Kochin organized by Kalapeedam on 1st December 2010
 “Forms and Figures” State Exhibition at Sutra Art Gallery-Kochi organized by The Ethenic Passage-Cochin from September 20th –October 20th 2010
 “Rain Shadows” State Painters Camp and Exhibition at Wayanad organized by Aranyakam Home stay , Waynad on 5th ,6th and 7th August 2011
 “ Mother Theresa’’ the communicator of compassion Exhibition at Goa -2012 organized by Le Reve Art Residence, Trissur
 State exhibition of Art-2012 at Durbar Hall art gallery, EKM organized by Kerala Lalithakala Academy on 4-18 March 2012
 One day State painters Camp “12.12.12 organized by Kerala Kalapeedam
 “Roobhafedha” 2014 State Group Exhibition of Art. 4th may to 7th 2014 from Lalith Kala Accadami Exhibition Center. Kalady

Camps attended

 All Kerala Artist Camp N. Parur 1989.
 South Indian Mural Camp, 1991 at Guruvayoor.
 Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy Regional Camp, Thrissur. 1993.
 K.T.D.C, Velly Camp. Conducted Kerala Tourism Department Trivandrum 1992.
 SAARC Festival, 10 days mural demonstration Camp 1992. Conducted Kerala Tourism Department.
 Demonstration Camp (Swadaharana class) on traditional style in Keral Mural painting, conducted Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy, at Trichur - 1995.
 Mural Demonstration Camp, SNM B.Ed College Moothakunnam 1997, 98.
 Demonstration in Kerala Painting ‘EUREKA’ ‘Rajadolsavam’ 1995.
 Prakrithi 1997, Conducted in Kerala Chithra Kala parishath, Kochi.
 Oil painting restoration Camp in Hill Place museum, Tripunithara. 2000. conducted Kerala Archeology Department.
 Nelliyampathi National Camp, 2001. Conducted N.H.C.S. Nelliyampathi.
 All Kerala painters Camp, 2002. S.S.U.S, Kalady.
 Kerala State Mural Camp, Trivandrum Conducted Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy-2002.
 Mahabharatha Festival a National traditional painters Camp, Hariyana in Kurushethra. Conducted South zone cultural centre - 2002.
 ‘Chayamughi jugal banthi’ show at Hydrabad, with the great singer S. Janaki - 2004.
 South Indian Mural Camp Trissur, Draveedia - 2004.
 Kumali water colour state Camp, conducted Kerala Lalith Kala Academy, Trissur – 2005.
 Mural Artists Camp, ‘EARTH’ Bounton bautyared ,Casino Hotel, Fort Kochi - 2005.
 ‘Vamsadhara’ State Camp 2006 Trissur.
 ‘Vamsadhara’ State Camp 2007 Olappamanna Mana, Palakkad.
 ‘Vamsadhara’ 2008 Residential State Camp, Kalady.
 10 days workshop camp N.R.L.C. Regional Centre Mysore - 2008.
 ‘Vamsadhara- 2009’ Aranmula Vasthu Vidya Gurukulam, Pathanamthitta - 2009.
 ‘Vamsadhara- 2010’ Museum, Trivandrum.
 “ Mother Theresa’’ the communicator of compassion Centenary Artist Camp organized by Le Reve Art Residence, Trissur from 16-20th June 2011
 Maati Ke Rang” National Artists camp on Silver jubilee celebrations of Zonal cultural centers ( seven Zones ) at Panchkula, Hariyana organized by Ministry of Culture, India from 13th -16th April 2012
 “Panchavarnam” International Mural colour making Workshop at Kottayam organized by Kerala Lalithakala Academy, from 19th to 23rd April 2013
 International Mural camp at Kottayam organized by Kerala Lalithakala Academy on 13th to 25th May 2013
 State Painters camp of selected recipients of Kerala State awards at KILA, Trissur, organized by Kerala Lalithkala Academy on 31st July to 6th August 2013
 State Cement Mural camp.. Organized by Kerala Lalith Kala Accadami, at Kollankode palace, Trissur,on 1st february to 8th 2014


His Collections are in india and 32 different countries all over the world